Friday, March 1, 2013

Confessions: Feb 25th - March 1st

 Monday Feb. 25th: I play out conversations that never did and never would happen in my head... All the time involving multiple situations that I would never be in. Most of the time the things people say in them are things they would NEVER say in real life, though I wish they would.

 Tuesday Feb. 26th: I'm always screwing things up... I always say the wrong things at the wrong time and end up messing things up and sometimes it's to messed up for me to fix it.

 Wednesday Feb. 27th: I'm really sensitive... Though I pretend like I don't care what anyone thinks when on the inside it absolutely kills me. Whether or not I show it, on the inside I'm like a scared little kid all alone in a grocery store.

 Thursday Feb. 28th: I'm trying my best to be happy again... I really truly am, but it's so hard sometimes to avoid falling back into the numbness. Lately it's like a wave of nothingness falls over me at random times and I feel just that, absolutely nothing.

Friday March 1st: I sometimes wonder if anyone cares at all... And why they pretend to care if they really don't??

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