Monday, April 22, 2013

Confessions: ??? - ???

 I think of my pets as my children... My sweet, precious, kind, little kitty cat is not just a pet. He is my baby!
 I'm different from the others... I'm strange, odd, and possibly insane. At times I feel like an alien or some sort of experiment for everyone to poke and prod at.

 I overreact... About almost everything, as I am a very sensitive person, and I worry about the stupidest things.

 I fear rejection... Though I've been rejected before on multiple occasions, I suppose it's a bit silly, but I'm terrified of being rejected, and therefore I avoid confrontation.

I get unbelievable vivid dreams... Every single night, and I can remember them in clear detail. The problem is that they are all highly disturbing and at times quite terrifying.

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