Thursday, February 14, 2013

Confession: February 11th - 15th

 Monday Feb. 11th: I'm pale... Seriously pale, like I'm so pale I probably reflect sunlight!! I don't tan, I burn. Oh and to make it even better I've been called a "Vampire" on multiple occasions.

Tuesday Feb. 12th: I'm losing my mind... Slowly but surely. I'm convinced due to my family's history of mental illness and my evident partial lack of sanity, that I'm losing my mind piece by piece.

Wednesday Feb. 13th: I have an overactive conscience... Honestly that about says it all. My mind is constantly swarming with things and always trying to figure things out. Of course I tend to blame myself on the inside due to my overactive conscience but I blame others on the outside when in reality I feel that its all my fault.

Thursday Feb. 14th: I feel like no one would want me... I mean seriously look at me!! I'm such a mess and to add on to that there are so many things that are wrong with me!! I feel so unwanted. But thats my fault for being such a freak right?

Friday Feb. 15th: I have trouble putting my thoughts in words... Its sad but true, and causes me a lot of problems. In my head everything makes sense! Before I try talking I know exactly what to say! But when I open my mouth everything gets all jumbled up!!

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