Monday, February 25, 2013

Confessions: February 18th - 22nd

 Monday Feb. 18th: I could spend hours just thinking... Honestly not only can I think or hours, I do so quite frequently. Even though I talk a lot its basically to cover up my nervousness, because I'd rather spend the day lost in thought then acknowledging other people.
Tuesday Feb. 19th: I act like a child... I really do,just this weekend my best friend and I pretended to be spies and spied on her older sister and her boyfriend while hiding behind trees.

Wednesday Feb. 20th: My interest is piqued by the strangest things... Honestly I'm amazed by such tiny things like a speck of dust or a shiny rock. Sometimes its really sad how easily I can be distracted by little things.

 Thursday Feb. 21st: I get lost in my thoughts... So not only can I think about things for hours, I go in great depth in my thoughts and have levels and levels of possibilities and combinations for just one single thought. I guess you could say I have an overactive mind.

Friday Feb. 22nd: I think up strange things that no one else understands... Very detailed random things that are complete nonsense, for example the Chicken-Squirrel, but I'll explain that on  a later date.

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