Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Best Friend Is AMAZING!!

 So my best Friend left this really amazingly sweet and amusing letter on my lap top

Harold Dearest
I feel really pointless right now.. I'm waisting 3 hours of my life feeling like a loser. So I've decided to write you a letter about how much I love you!

I love love love your face & your background picture as well! Before you I was just a silent lady and had almost everyone convinced I was a mute. You accepted me nonetheless and made me feel better than I actually am. You are truly an inspiration to me... the way you speak your mind and even though I know you're self consious (I would correct that but your computer is stupid)  and think very little of yourself. you have a lot to offer the world and you really are a gorgeous piece of lady cake, the prettistest of them all! Don't listen to all the ninnys that say you're too loud and hurl all those other insults at you.. (they're stupid) Your loudness is what makes you who you are and it's one of the many reasons we're best friends.. However, I'm not gonna lie, you are annoying sometimes just as I'm a stubborn stupid face... it's part of being human we all have faults.. and we NEED those faults to survive in this sorry ass world. Just remember, when you're feeling low that You are who you are and if people don't like it they can fall in a hole. you don't need other people's approval to be happy. When you feel alone.. remember, I'm here.. and when I'm not or your mad at me or some other reason God is there and I'm pretty sure he can do a helluva lot more than I can. Just open yourself up to him... If you're still with me... I love you dearly and I can't wait to see what this year has to bring us! *& don't forget about your hunky hot british man! don't give up on him and don't settle for anything less even if you think it's what you want okay well byee my love
ps I miss your face! I think mrs. carver split us up on purpose D}:

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